Smizzle 2.5-inch Duo-Tone Herb Drum Grinder with Pollen Catcher


Drum shaped grinder for the best and most ergonomic grip.

Heavy-duty grinder made of aircraft brushed aluminum.

Magnetized lid makes grinding and uncapping effortless.

Our grinders are designed for tobacco, herbs, and spices.  They are durable and portable.


Three chamber apparatus makes it easy to compartmentalize your herbs and spices:


– Grinding Chamber: This is where all the action takes place.  Herbs and spices are ground up with a few simple twist.  Once ground up to the specific size, the herb and spices automatically fall into the Storage Chamber.

– Storage Chamber: This is where all the ground up herbs and spices is collected.  Easily unscrew the chamber to access the ground up herbs and spices.

– Pollen Chamber: A 500-micron metal mesh filters all the pollen from the Storage Chamber into this chamber.  Unscrew this chamber to access the pollen.



– Drum shaped for easy grip

– 24+20=44 Grinding Teeth

– 50mm DIA x 10mm Grinding Chamber

– 53mm DIA x 20mm Storage Chamber

– 50mm DIA x 10mm Pollen Catcher

– Material: aluminum alloy

– External Dimension 2.5-inch, 60mm DIA x 48mm

– Weight: 8 oz.

– Comes with a pollen scrapper

– Six available colors: tan, green, red, blue, purple, copper

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Red, Green, Blue, Tan, Copper, Purple


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